Energy Management System

We (Power Technology Pyramids Co.), thanks to our well-trained and experienced local Engineers and according to partner-ship & license of “CAMILLE BAUER Co.” in Switzerland, contract and execute “Energy Management Control-EMC” projects, based on EPC packages. In our EMC systems, we use high accuracy measuring devices and sophisticated software of GMC-Instruments group (CAMILLE BAUER Co. in Switzerland & METRAWAT Co. in Germany). In this regard we draw your attention to attached documents, with following description:

   1-  EMC-Certificate of CAMILLE BAUER Co. in Switzerland for our PTP Co.

2.  Power Point Presentation of CAMILLE BAUER Co.

By this EMC system, we could retrieve and supervise energy consumption data of all old and new meters and read the information “Pulse” based or according to “Modbus” or “M-Bus” protocols. The information will be transmitted and ascertained in different types, with 100 MB/Sec. speed and via Fiber Optics or GSM, or with cable, to concerned PCs in which EMC software is installed..

Some main features of our EMC are as below:

  • High accuracy measurement of consumers’ energy
  • Various types of energies, including Electricity, Gas, Water, Furnace…could be retrieved and ascertained
  • The system is multilingual and can be used with any Windows PC without any problem
  • The system is web-base and several users can access the data base, simultaneously via intranet or internet
  • Calculations, based upon individual source of data and cost center billing for energy consumption
  • Optimization of energy consumption, and cost effectiveness