Our activities are mainly in two categories:

1. RTU Applications
2. Utility Communication

RTU Applications

PTP is a certified OEM partner of ABB in RTU applications. We have already sold 66 units RTU560, and are building up our capacity to address market requirements more efficiently.

ABB RTU560 is the most advance and flexible RTU in its class, with a very wide range of applications in Power Utilities. It can be as simple as a protocol converter or Gateway, or part of a more complicated solution, e.g. as an important component within an SAS application.

PTP has its own contracts in this field as well:

1- 50 RTU’s for IPDC via Pars Tableau.
2- 10 RTU’s for AREC via Pars Tableau.
3- RTU 560 as a Gateway for Qom3 230 kV S/S in TREC and Jonah 400 kV S/S in HREC

Please refer to our Reference List for further information.

Once again, due to our involvement in related fields, e.g. Substation Automation, and Utility Communication, PTP is able to provide a complete package addressing a more complete range of applications.

Since October 2007, PTP will start a training program for RTU560 under license of ABB in Tehran. For more information, please see our training section.

You may get more details on RTU560 on below link:

Utility Communication

Our services cover following systems:

  • Fiber Optic Multiplexers – PDH / SDH applications
  • Power Line Carriers – Analog, and Digital

Although main application of these equipment is in Electrical Utilities networks, however, especially the Fiber Optic based communication technology have a wider range of applications in other utilities, e.g. Railway, Oil & Gas pipelines, etc.

PTP can provide tailor made solutions for its customer requirements. From a single communication link connecting a distribution substation to its Area Operating Center, to a complete network involving a mixture of technologies, e.g. Analog/Digital PLCs, FO, Data concentrators, etc

PTP has its own contracts in this field as well:
1- Kerman 400 kV S/S communication system (Fiber optic data link and PABX )
2- Amir Kabir Dam 12 units PLC in TREC

Please refer to our Reference List for further information.

Combined with our SAS projects, or SCADA applications, we may bring more added value and synergy to our customers, by eliminating several interface points between various suppliers.

Again our top class services, independence and neutrality are assuring parameters to our customers relying on our partnership, in their broader business objectives.