Electrical Measurement & Test Instruments:

We are official & exclusive representative of multinational GMC-Instruments group in Iran.

For CAMILLE BAUER, we are also agent of some other countries in middle east (Iraq, Syria, Kuwait…).


  • Heavy Current Transducers (SINEAX, CAM, DME…)
  • Angular Position Transducers (Kinax…)
  • Temperature Transmitters
  • DC Quantities Transducers
  • Signal Conversion
  • Paperless Recorders (Linax A3xx)


  • Testers (Earth tester, Profitest)
  • Multi-meters, Calibrators, Lab Power Supplies
  • Temperature Controller Module (R6000)
  • Siemens Compliance Module (VIPA)
  • Digital Controllers (R2500 _ R2700)