SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition)

The PTP Company base on well-known and powerful software “PcVue” and a trained technical team can provide below services regarding SCADA application:

  • Built-in time stamped protocol – data discrimination
  • Control for electrical distribution protocols (IEC, DNP3, Modbus TCP/IP etc.)
  • Network behavior simulation
  • Monitoring and running standby supplies
  • Archiving and reporting (via SQL Server) for diagnosis in case of electrical network failure
  • 2D/3D graphic library and ISO objects for electrical distribution environment (circuit breaker, switch, etc.)
  • Redundant architectures for high availability systems, data acquisition and backup
  • Event management for real time and historical data
  • Graphic animations with specific color-to-object coding

You can find more information in Isfahan Metro-SCADA System